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At Lexglobe IP Services, we represent clients ranging from entrepreneurs to globally-recognized brands in protecting their intellectual property in Tanzania, Zanzibar and other countries throughout Africa. With offices in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we have broad experience protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights under the laws of Tanzania and Zanzibar, as well as under the various treaties and international frameworks that offer protection in Tanzania and elsewhere worldwide.

Our clients include individual inventors, start-up companies, local and regional established businesses, multinational corporations with global product ranges, universities and hospitals. We work closely with our clients’ executives and in-house legal departments to develop protection strategies, and we work with their inventors and designers on technical matters to make sure that their registrations are as comprehensive as possible. We understand and believe in the value of establishing a strong intellectual property portfolio, and we want to make sure that our clients’ intangible assets are secure so that they can exploit them to their full potential while avoiding infringement of other parties’ rights.

Practice Areas


We assist trademark owners in filing for, maintaining and renewing registrations in Tanzania and Zanzibar as well as with the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) and the Organisation Africaine de le Propiete Intellectuelle (OAPI).

We also represent clients in the following:

  • Trademark clearance
  • Opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Restoration of expired marks
  • Litigation involving trademarks and domain names
  • Negotiation of license, assignment, franchise and other trademark-related agreements
  • Recordal of license and assignments


Our patent lawyers can assist with filing for registration under the patent laws of Tanzania and Zanzibar, with ARIPO and OAPI, and under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). We also provide representation in due diligence and negotiations involving patent licenses and assignments, security interests, and other commercial agreements involving patented inventions. If your patent registration has expired, we can help you seek to restore it, and we represent clients in complex patent litigation as well.

Utility Models

Tanzania adheres to ARIPO’s definition of utility models. We prosecute utility model registration applications on behalf of clients in Tanzania and Zanzibar, and in other African countries through the frameworks of ARIPO and OAPI. Our intellectual property attorneys also assist with preparing and negotiating licenses, assignments and other agreements involving utility models, and we have extensive experience representing clients in litigation involving utility models.


We represent clients in seeking, maintaining and enforcing copyright registrations under Tanzania’s Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act, 1999. We also advise authors and rights holders with respect to copyright protection pursue and defend claims in copyright litigation, negotiate copyright licenses and assignments, and represent clients in other commercial transactions involving copyrights and protected works.


Like patents and trademarks, design owners can protect their intellectual property through local registrations in Tanzania and Zanzibar as well as through regional registrations with ARIPO and OAPI. In addition to assisting design owners in applying for registration in Tanzania, Zanzibar and the ARIPO and OAPI-member countries, we also handle restoration of expired designs, design-related transactions (including licenses and assignments) and design-related litigation.

Plant Breeders’ Rights

Our services for plant breeders include advising on the patentability of plant-related inventions and assisting in the registration of new plant varieties, including overcoming objections during the registration process. We also represent clients in objecting to infringing applications and in infringement litigation, and we regularly draft and negotiate agreements for licenses, assignments, and other transactions involving protected plant varieties.

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