Copyright Lawyers Representing Clients in Tanzania and Zanzibar

While Tanzania’s copyright laws and the international treaties governing copyright protection in Tanzania and abroad are complex, they establish clear and fundamental rights for authors and other copyright owners. As an author, licensee or assignee, understanding the laws and how they apply is critical to both protecting and maximizing the value of your intellectual property rights.

At Lexglobe IP Services, we represent individuals and companies in all aspects of copyright protection and commercialization. This includes applying for registration, licensing and assigning copyrights, and dealing with matters of copyright infringement.

Our Services for Protecting, Licensing and Transferring Copyrights

Protected Copyright

Among the many complexities in copyright law is that a single creative work can be subject to multiple copyrights – each of which can have a different owner. In addition, Tanzanian law protects so-called “neighboring rights,” which are secondary rights that belong to the “performers” of copyrighted works. As a result, in some circumstances even the original authors of creative works must use caution in order to avoid infringing on others’ rights.

At Lexglobe IP Services, we work closely with our clients to help them understand what constitutes a protected copyright, and to make sure that they have all of the rights and licenses necessary to use protected works.

Copyright Registration

Copyright authors and other owners can seek additional protection for their rights through registration with the Copyright Administrator of the Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) and the copyright offices of various other nations worldwide. Copyright registration affords several important benefits, and is necessary in order to claim and receive royalties across the Tanzanian border.

Copyright Licenses & Assignments

In Tanzania, the applicable law is the Tanzania’s Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act, 1999. In Zanzibar, the applicable law is the Copyright, 2003. A copyright owner can either exploit its rights directly or by assigning or licensing its copyrights to a third party. Licenses can be exclusive or non-exclusive, in whole or in part, and are subject to registration with both Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) and the Copyright Society of Zanzibar (COSOZA). We have extensive experience with copyright assignments and licenses in Tanzania and Zanzibar, having represented parties on both sides of numerous complex intellectual property transactions.

Copyright Infringement

The Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act, 1999 (Tanzania) and Copyright Act, 2003 (Zanzibar) establishes a six-step test for determining whether an unauthorized use of a copyrighted work rises to the level of infringement. For both copyright owners and alleged infringers, understanding the elements of infringement and knowing what constitutes an infringing use of a copyrighted work are of utmost importance. The Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act, 1999 (Tanzania) and Copyright Act, 2003 (Zanzibar) provides a number of remedies for copyright owners, and our lawyers are available to represent parties in copyright infringement litigation in both Tanzania and Zanzibar. 

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