Utility Models

IP Attorneys for Utility Model Protection, Commercialization and Enforcement in Tanzania and Zanzibar

The intellectual property attorneys at Lexglobe IP Services provide representation for registration, licensing, assignment and enforcement of utility models in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Whether you want to seek protection for you utility model, are seeking to negotiate a license or assignment, or need representation for a cancellation or infringement proceeding, we have the local knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Protecting, Using and Enforcing Utility Models in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Utility Model Registration Process

A utility model (known as a utility certificate under local law in Tanzania) is any form, configuration or disposition of elements that is embodied in a product or process and capable of contributing a novel and industrially-applicable benefit. Utility models are eligible for registration in Tanzania under the Patents Act, while protection in Zanzibar is only available through African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) registration. Utility certificates in Tanzania are valid for seven years from the date of filing. Learn more about filing for utility model registration in Tanzania.

Utility Model Licenses & Assignments

We assist parties seeking to commercialize and make use of utility models in Tanzania and Zanzibar through licenses and assignments. This includes both contractual and compulsory licenses as well as utility model assignments in Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania. The Patents Act and ARIPO both impose various requirements for the enforcement and validity of utility model licenses and assignments, and we can help ensure that your transaction satisfies all of the requisite formalities.

Utility Model Cancellation & Infringement

Similar to patents, utility models are subject to cancellation on a number of different grounds. We assist utility model owners in challenging cancellation proceedings, and also assist interested third parties in prosecuting cancellation requests. We also represent parties on both sides of utility model infringement matters, and can help you seek an injunction, damages or other appropriate relief to enforce your rights. Learn more about utility model cancellation and infringement.

Utility Model Regional Protection

In addition to representing utility model owners in applying for registration under the Patents Act, we also regularly assist owners in seeking regional protection with ARIPO. The ARIPO regional system applies in both Tanzania and Zanzibar, and allows for filing either directly with ARIPO or through Tanzania’s Patents Office. ARIPO registration for utility models requires a comprehensive filing and involves three stages of examination. Our attorneys have extensive experience with the ARIPO regional system and can represent you in all stages of the application process.

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